Teenage Dropshipping Master with Ninos Shamo

At the early age of 16, Ninos became a 6 figure eCommerce entrepreneur.

As a summer youth league soccer referee, he saved up $1000 to start investing in a dropshipping business. After 6 months of failing, he started to see success on his birthday when he made his first $500 in a day.

He is now known as an eCommerce Expert, digital entrepreneur, influencer, investor, consultant, and speaker, with multiple eCommerce stores and an educational company where he offers coaching and mentorships for people who want to start their own eCommerce stores or scale stores that they may already have. His goal is to help others achieve financial freedom just as he has for himself.

Expand your empire with these three things

  1. Get a WhiteBoard

  2. Focus on Your Health

  3. Have a Deeper Purpose Than Money

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